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Shopping for Homes for Sale in College Station TX

Choosing to start a family in College Station is a fantastic decision, for a plethora of reasons. There are so many great homes for sale in College Station TX right now. Ours is a mid-sized city with a small town feel, low crime rates, low unemployment, excellent schools, and loads of southern charm. If you want a safe and stable town where your kids will get a top-notch education (and so can you), then you can’t do better than College Station.

Homes for sale in College Station TX range from small starter homes to grand luxury houses, and from brand new constructions to historical homes. Whatever you are looking for in a home, if it’s available somewhere, the Traditions Realty Team will help you find it and get it at the right price. Our team knows that each young family has its own preferences and requirements – two, three, four bedrooms? a pool? a den that can be used as a play room? – and our team is delighted by the challenge of finding just the right home for each family.

College Station’s unemployment rate in October 2013 was 5.2%, well below the national average. Businesses are flocking to the area to harness the potential of Texas A&M’s graduates. Recruiting the best and brightest Texas has to offer is that much easier when your office is right down the road from the college. Texas A&M is also a big employer for the area, and offers an impressive array of graduate degrees and PhD programs for those who are looking to continue their education.

Perhaps the most coveted thing about College Station is our people. We are chock full of tradition and southern charm in College Station. Check out the homes for sale in College Station TX and you are likely to appreciate it too – people open doors for each other, greet total strangers, and treat each other with respect. Once you purchase a home here, you will get to know your neighbors and get involved with the schools in no time.

We are a diverse and inclusive town, and the first step to joining in on our fun is shopping the homes for sale in College Station TX. The Traditions Realty Team stands ready to help you find just the right starter home for your family. Call us today at (979) 777-7399 to start the search.