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Real Estate College Station

Purchasing On-Campus Real Estate in College Station

Texas A&M University is the crowning jewel of College Station, Texas. As a matter of fact, the university is how the city got its name. When the train was a vital form of transportation, it stopped at the train station near the university, which was called College Station. With a student population of 58,000, Texas A&M is home to one of the largest schools of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences in the country (and the only one in Texas), the largest engineering school in the nation, and top-tier athletic programs. The university is also one of the largest employers in the area. Therefore, Texas A&M is vital to the economic health of Bryan/College Station.

If you are in the market to invest in real estate in College Station, the Traditions Realty Team encourages you to take close look at properties located at or near Texas A&M. We currently have dozens of listings in this category, both commercial and residential. So whether you are looking to relocate to the university, or establish a rental house or two on campus, or invest in apartments or another commercial property type on campus, Traditions has just the property you are looking for.

On-campus housing is always in high demand at Texas A&M. In addition to living conveniently close to classrooms, their peers, and professors’ offices, living in on-campus housing means that students also stay close to other school-related activities, like concerts, club meetings, and athletic events. It means being a part of the rich Aggie culture, and it is vitally important to many students at Texas A&M.

58,000 students and counting means that business is booming on campus, and we’re not just talking about the bookstore. All of those students want conveniently located cafes, restaurants, office supply stores, pharmacies, groceries, and all the other services and conveniences that we all demand. Helping to meet that demand can be an economic windfall for a well-placed and well-planned business venture. Whether you want to open a storefront in your building or just rent the space to others, on-campus real estate in College Station can be an incredible investment opportunity.

The Traditions Realty Team would appreciate the opportunity to show you some on-campus real estate in College Station. Call us today at (979) 777-7399 to begin the search for your next real estate investment property with one of our first class Realtors.