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What’s a barndominium?

Living in your childhood home and playing in the garden and the nearby barn are all parts of a cherished memory you never get tired telling your own brood. It is a place you would love to provide for your own kids as well to build their happy memories they can later share with their children. Maybe it is time to have a weekend home just like it outside the city. If buying a property is not feasible right now, you can also borrow the idea from a “barndominium” and make your current home have the feel of one.

What is a barndominium? It is based on the old “barn” concept that is quite popular in Texas. The concept has been borrowed from the “barn”, which explains the countryside and wild, wild west appeal. It is usually built from wood or steel, but you can expect new designs to be in more varied sizes, shapes and materials. Unlike a classic barn, however, it is well finished inside just like a typical, comfortable home. Depending on the whim of the homeowner, it can be built either as a home or just a part of it. Despite the basic, almost Spartan structure, some barndominium can be very lavish.

If you want to give your home a touch of the same appeal, borrow some rustic barn ideas to get the look and ambiance of a barndominium.

• Show the beams. Barns are known for their lofty ceilings and exposed beams. If your home doesn’t have this kind of structure, consult an architect to help you find design solutions to make it loftier than it really is. You can also use faux wooden beams made from reclaimed wood to give it that attribute barndominiums are known for.

 Transform the walls. Rustic walls are usually made of brick or wood, but both can be pretty hefty on the pocket. Use sustainably harvested wood for a green home. You can also fake the brick wall look by stamping the wall with a stencil or a design sponge. Either way, both can make your wall come alive with any of these interesting and rustic backdrops.

• Use cool wall and ceiling kits. Some of the designs for the ceiling or wall can be easily done using kits that contain all the necessary wood pieces. The ceiling or wall materials are cut based on the specifications you give. Before ordering, make sure you have done the measurements correctly.

• Go for must-have decors. No barndominium should be without organic decors such as tree twigs, branches and animal antlers. Gather branches and twigs and integrate them in existing rails on your veranda or stairs. You can also glue these to your walls for that natural allure. You don’t have to kill an animal for its horns or antlers; these can be bought in thrift stores. Aside from hanging it on the wall, you can also ingeniously use them as parts of furniture.

Barndominiums are popular because they represent something that’s green, organic and eco-friendly. These homes also offer benefits such as energy efficiency, low cost of maintenance, less construction time and cost, and lower cost of insurance policy. If you are looking for homes for sale College Station contact Traditions Realty Team, it will be worthwhile to consider a barndominium. A barndominium right in Texas is so appropriate.

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  • So, a barndominium is essentially a regular house built to look like a traditional barn, right? I think it is a great idea. I grew up in a small town and am one of the kids that used to love playing in the old barns. So, it would be kind of cool to live in one, especially since they are easier and cheaper to build.

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