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Red Flag Repairs to Consider Before Selling

Red flag repairs can cost you the sale of your home. Before you put your College Station real estate up for sale, make sure you consider the repairs buyers will see and judge your house on.

When you walk up to your home, you should see a home in good repair and there shouldn’t be anything standing out. If your screen door is sagging, fix it. If there are dead bushes and plants, remove them. The yard should be neatly kept and in good repair. If the gate and exterior of the home have peeling paint, add a fresh coat. You don’t need to do much, just enough to give a person an idea that living here will be easy and inviting.

Take a look at the roof and freshen it up if needed. Gutters that are overfull and missing shingles can often give the perception lots of work needs to be done on the home. Instead, clean out the gutters and ensure drains are tied down to prevent them from making noise. Then replace missing shingles for a roof that will make your College Station real estate appear more inviting.

Inside the home, look for holes in the wall and any cracks, including the tiny nail holes. You want the walls to look great and like there is minimal damage. To take this a step further, add a fresh, uniform neutral color to the walls throughout the home. That way, you also give the buyer a fresh canvas they can work with.

Because of allergies and the views of some people, smoking and pets have to go. Keep animals outdoors when possible or at a trusted friend’s home until you have sold your home. If you are a smoker, keep smoking outside at least 20 feet from the home. That way, the smell and mess associated with these problems won’t be noticeable and it can help entice buyers to purchase your home.

Fix any flooring that is problematic. Flooring that has coloring problems or is damaged will cause buyers to think about the stress of repairing it. Instead of laying a rug over it and hoping for the best, replace the carpet so it is in tip-top shape before you show the home and stick to a darker color. That way, dirt won’t be as noticeable.

Keep these in mind and go through your home with a realtor to determine if there are any other red flags you need to consider. By keeping everything in good repair, your College Station real estate has the chance to sell for a great price without a long waiting period to find that perfect buyer.

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