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Quick and Easy Curb Appeal For College Station Real Estate

Forbes ranks College Station fifth among the best small places for business and careers. Families move to the area because of work opportunities and so sons and daughters can pursue higher education at the Texas A&M University. Thus, homes for sale College Station are definitely in high demand.

A house with a good-looking exterior is usually the first attraction that makes potential buyers bite, making or breaking a home sale. A home’s curb appeal is always be a good investment, since it’s the first thing that home buyers see. It is wise to consider curb appeal on properties you are trying to sell. Here are a few wonderful tips for homeowners who want to improve their home’s curb appeal.

Curb Appeal as Seen on the Web

About 88 percent of homebuyers do online search and they are most likely attracted to homes that look great. Photos should be taken during the best time of the day, usually on overcast days and not when there is too much sunlight to avoid a glow effect. Review the photos as if you are the buyer. Do another shoot if the house does not look good. Remove the clutter around while shooting to show neat and tidy surroundings. When the first impression is appealing to the buyer, he/she will drawn to explore the inside of the house as well. The curb appeal is an invitation.

Decorate the Front Door

The entry to a house makes a big impression on home buyers. The homeowner should aim for a beautiful entryway to make the house attractive and to ensure that the house stands out from the rest of the neighborhood. What can you do to enhance the curb appeal of the front door?

Paint it with bright color that contrasts with the rest of the house or add an element of landscaping. You can also plant a border of shrubs and bushes in assorted colors leading up to the front door. If the front door is concealed from view, a second entrance can be added like an archway or a pergola. Front door repairs or replacement of accessories can likewise add appeal. Keep the door handles, door knockers, and locks gleaming and functional. Get rid of any clutter on the porch and front yard. Replace or re-paint the flooring of the porch or deck.

Landscapes and Plants

Enhance the colors of the front garden and even the backyard. This is an effective element once buyers view a home with well maintained, organized and refreshing landscape. Additional architectural embellishments are tiles on the lawn, a patio with a fountain, benches and a swimming pool with deck. A simple portico or veranda with a garden set is a relaxing sight. A house looks charming with flower gardens, as well as hanging and potted plants.

Stage it with Lights

Be ready for buyers visiting the house at night The house should be well lit outside and inside. The house itself, including the surrounding landscape, should be visible in the dark. Some simple or trendy lamps and lanterns in a few corners of the garden, lamp posts or a diminutive chandelier on the porch can make the ambiance alluring and romantic.

These are quick and easy ideas that can improve the curb appeal of a home, increasing your chances of selling your home.

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