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Home Buying Guide: Get Help from a College Station Real Estate Agent


Predictions about the real estate industry’s bottom line in 2013 were surpassed by the actual figures posted toward the end of the year. Buyers can expect to see more homes for sale in 2014, but with increased prices from last year’s. Therefore, if you are one of those who plan to purchase a property in College Station, TX, which has some of the finest living environments in the state of Texas, you have to start preparing for the purchase as early as possible. Steve McLinden’s article for provides ideas on what you should do immediately.

There’s a lot of competition out there for homes, so tarry not. Get your credit report and start repairing any blips. If your scores are below 620 or so, a conventional loan will be a challenge. But if they’re under 740, you still might not get the best rates. Many buyers get a pre-qualification letter from the lender, but you can one-up them with a pre-approval, which comes after a more thorough evaluation of your finances.

The average buyers know that being pre-approved for a home loan increases their chances of a good purchase, basically because the seller has a guarantee of repayment. If you ask a College Station real estate agent for assistance in buying, it’s very likely that they’ll be asking for a pre-approval letter as well before showing off potential properties. Your pre-approved mortgage will help define the kind of home you can purchase.

You’d be dismayed at the things sellers aren’t obliged to disclose in most states, including on-premises felonies, suicide, murder or a neighboring sex offender. Don’t be afraid to thoroughly question the selling party in writing before signing the contract. Some questions: Is there a cell tower, water tower, natural gas well, oil well or other non-residential construction scheduled to be built in this neighborhood (then define “neighborhood”)?

Reputable College Station, TX real estate agents, such as those at Traditions Realty Team, may be expected to market high-quality properties. Hence, in looking for the property that will suit your needs and preferences, you can benefit a lot from working with the right real estate agent.

An esteemed real estate agent will help you find a home that not just suits your budget but the necessary safety standards as well. The agent can also provide you with information on a property that you may not get directly from a seller. Established agents will take every step necessary to ensure the satisfaction of their clients partly because they want to preserve and enhance their own reputation.

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