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Do’s and Don’ts for home appraisals in Bryan/College Station

Whether you are thinking of buying a home, or planning to sell or refinance your home, home appraisal is something you need to go through. When buying a home, an appraisal is necessary so you can see if the investment you are making is a fair one. If you are selling or considering making a loan, you would want its value maximized. So, what kind of preparation must you do and what do you need to know about home appraisal?

DON’T patronize the appraiser. Don’t tail them around pointing the improvements you have done. This is distracting and you may just be pointing things that have no bearing on the value of your home. Trust that the appraiser knows his job and he will ask you when there is a need.

DO keep the appraiser feeling comfortable and pleasant. Keep your pets locked up while the appraiser is inspecting the details of your home. If the weather is cold outside, you will want to keep the inside comfortably warmer; a hot cup of cocoa or coffee served after an outdoor inspection would be much appreciated.

DON’T let the appraiser miss out on your important renovations. You want to do this in a pleasant way without badgering him,

Do prepare an inventory of your repairs and improvements. Without sounding patronizing, let the appraiser know that you have prepared a list of the improvements you made with all the supporting receipts and plans. This can make his work easier and the process faster.

DON’T deal with an appraiser who is not familiar with the area. There is a tendency to misquote if he is not geographically competent. For instance, a College Station home appraisal would require the appraiser to know the value of real estate in the neighborhood.

DO check out the qualification and experience of the assigned appraiser. If you know more about the vicinity, offer to supply relevant information such as the value of homes sold around the place. A proficient appraiser should go to great lengths to check market value of homes just like yours. Otherwise, bring up the issue with your loan provider.

DON’T change your home’s style or its character common in the neighborhood. You don’t need to impress appraisers because it can be the style that is enhancing it the most.

DON’T stage your home for the benefit of the appraiser. How weill your house is decorated is not a criteria for appraisal. That being mentioned a clean home can make the improvements you have made more visable.

DO get the house ready for appraisal. Appraisers are assessing the value of your home and not your housekeeping abilities, yet it will be hard to see the potentials of the house when there is just too much clutter. Make sure to give your home a face lift on those areas that can impact the value of your home – a fresh coat of paint, some new hardware, some light and airiness in dark musty bathrooms, an improved curb and lawn, and some lights to stage your home at night.

Be available when the appraiser schedules an inspection of the house. Your presence allows you to answer questions and share relevant information. If you feel your home has been undervalued, get a second opinion. Lenders may not allow multiple appraisals, but if you’re interested to know the real value of your home, getting another appraisal is necessary.

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