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10 great ways to make a small room feel bigger

Parting with your home can be a bittersweet experience. If you decided it is time to let go of it to move in a more upscale neighborhood or to make your finances liquid, wipe those tears away and get in touch with the sensible aspect of the prospect. If you want more dough from your home, you need to learn some tips about staging homes for sale in College Station, TX.

Are there small rooms that you feel may stand in the way of a good sale? There are several ways of making those areas seem bigger; here are some great ways to achieve that:

1. Create optical illusion of space with light colors and contrasts. Light color scheme such as white, icy blues and pastels are all reflective color possibilities that can make a space open and airy. Use furniture and accents in darker contrasts.

2. Get monochromatic. Achieve the illusion and create harmony by using different shades as well as textures of a single color. A clever technique is painting moldings and trims in lighter color to make the walls appear seem more far back.

3. Space out the right furniture. Your clutter can be minimized with the right furniture and fixtures that are properly spaced out. Choose furniture that has more than one use.

4. Go minimalistic. Too many stuff can make the room look too busy and stuffy. It is also important to have multifunctional furniture that can serve as storage.

5. Let the light flow. Natural light can open up the space. Right creative artificial lighting such as recessed spot lighting, torchiere light that bounce light off, and solar tubes and skylights are fabulous ways to add more light when you have limited natural light in a room.

6. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Mirrors and glasses are magical. Mirrors reflect light, color and images. When a large mirror is strategically placed on one wall, it will give the illusion of a room double in size.

7. Illusion of invisibility. Glasses, lucites and clear plastics let lights and your vision through like there is nothing there. It makes sense to have a table made of glass in a small space. A glass divider can physically divide a space without creating tightness.

8. Adopt the “Cantaloupe Rule.” Do away with clutter by using less of bigger accents than several pieces of sizes smaller than a cantaloupe.

9. Stripes lengthen space. Just like in dressing, vertical stripes give the illusion of height or length. A striped curtain or wall paint can make the ceiling higher and a striped rug oriented along the length of the room can make a space seem longer.

10. Play up the floor and the ceiling. These are the additional walls that enclose the room. Choose light-colored flooring material like light oak or floor carpet. The same approach applies to the ceiling; use light paint or add some details up there that will draw the eye.

Don’t miss the opportunity for your home to fetch a better price in the market just because these rrooms look glaringly small. Staging homes for sale soon? Try these tips on for size and illusion of space.

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